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Let us unlock the code to your personal strength and fitness. At The Strength Code Palm Desert, our mission is simple; to help you attain your ideal health and fitness. We recognize that every person is unique, and that’s why we customize a program specifically for your body and your goals. Our method of training is one of the safest ways to build muscle and is also highly effective. And perhaps most exciting of all – our workout is so efficient you only need 30 minutes, once a week!

Our Method Works!

Slow Motion, High-Intensity
Strength Training

The Strength Code Palm Desert is a boutique strength training studio that uses slow-motion, high intensity training under the direction of a Certified Strength Training Specialist. You will work one-on-one, by appointment only, in a quiet, cool, focused environment. This 30-minute workout is quite challenging, but extremely safe, and so effective you only need to do it once a week.

Most of us are familiar with exercise systems that work from the concept of “more is better.” But how long can you keep doing more and more? We believe that high quality, MEANINGFUL EXERCISE should be the goal. Not only is it more productive, it’s easier on your joints and ligaments. Click Here to Get Our Intro Offer!

The Benefits of Strength

Lower abdominal fat

Better cardiovascular health

Controlled blood sugar levels

Reduced cancer risk 

Lowered injury risks

Increased bone density

Strengthened mental health

Improved flexibility and mobility

Elevated body image

Higher metabolism and more

Intro Offer
First 2 for $50

Get your First 2 sessions for $50

Your First Session – Introduction to The Strength Code Method. Comprehensive Fitness Consultation.

Your Second Session – Go deeper and truly experience how effective this unique method is in just half an hour a week!

The Strong Response

“I love training with Lisa at The Strength Code! It’s not a typical gym, it’s a private fitness studio, which makes it a personalized workout experience that is very catered to my needs and goals. Gaining overall strength is important to me, and Lisa has tailored my sessions to help me do just that. Couldn’t ask for better!”

Kristi F.

“I am a big fan of this kind of workout. I don’t have a lot of time to spend at the gym so the effort put in needs to be effective and Lisa will make sure of that.

A questionnaire is required prior to the first visit that details health status and any potential areas of concern. Lisa also spends time getting to know what your past exercise experience has been and what your workout goals are.

During the workout she is hyper focused on teaching good form while also making sure that you’re reaching your potential. I feel great afterwards. A bonus to this kind of strength training is that it boosts metabolism and continues to burn calories throughout the day. Which I need!”

Justin P.

“I’m 62 now and it is very important to me to maintain my strength and balance as I age. I was a gym rat going 4-6 times per week but with COVID, I am no longer comfortable going to gyms with lots of people huffing and puffing. Plus all those gym trips were necessary to keep up my strength but they took so much time. The Strength Code method has turned out to be the answer to all of my issues! One 30 minute, very intense, strength focused workout once per week is all I need! The owner and trainer, Lisa May, is a great communicator and has designed a plan for me that is not only allowing me to maintain my strength without all of those gym trips but also to improve my definition. Plus, I am the only one there when I am training. It’s awesome!”

David A.

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