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Let us unlock the code to your personal strength and fitness. At The Strength Code, our mission is to help you achieve your ideal health and fitness. We understand that Every Body is unique and that is why we customize a program specifically for You. Our Slow Motion HIT Strength Training method is not only highly effective, it’s one of the safest ways to build muscle. Best of all our workout is so efficient you only need half an hour once a week!

About Lisa May

Owner and Strength Training Specialist

Lisa MayLisa May is the owner and manager of The Strength Code Palm Desert. You might know her from Southern California radio, where she spent 30 years on the air, most notably as part of the Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ, and The Frosty Heidi and Frank Show on KLOS.

Lisa started training at The Strength Code Toluca Lake while she was still working in radio. Health and wellness had been a passion of hers for many years, but finding a sustainable, effective workout had eluded her until she discovered The Strength Code Toluca Lake. The Strength Code method made her stronger week after week and set off a whole cascade of unexpected benefits. She found herself getting on the treadmill more often and started incorporating intervals into her workouts. She said yes to hiking and found herself engaging in more and more challenging hikes. She discovered that the better she felt the more motivated she was to fuel her body with appropriate foods, and lo and behold, some stubborn pounds began to fall off.

The Strength Code Palm Desert was born of Lisa’s desire to never stop doing this workout, and her family’s long-term plan to move to the Coachella Valley. Working with Sheila Melody, the founder and co-owner of The Strength Code Toluca Lake, Lisa formed a plan. She got certified as a Personal Trainer and then was certified in High Intensity Training, and began working with the experienced trainers  at The Strength Code Toluca Lake and eventually began training clients. 

In December of 2019, Lisa retired from L.A. radio and she and her family moved to Palm Springs. Summer 2020, The Strength Code Palm Desert is opening. Lisa is so excited to share this slow-motion, high intensity strength training with a new community, and also really happy that she’ll never have to miss another workout. She plans to keep doing this workout for as long as she can, and since this training can be tailored to any age and any ability, that’s going to be for a very long time.


Intro Offer

First 2 for $50

Get Your First 2 Sessions for $50

  • Comprehensive Fitness Consultation
  • Your First Session – Introduction to The Strength Code Method
  • Your Second Session – Go deeper and truly experience how effective this unique method is in just half an hour a week!

The Workout

Dynamic Slow Motion, High-Intensity
Strength Training

The Strength Code is a high-end private studio where you will work one-on-one by appointment with a Certified Strength Training Specialist in a clean, quiet, cool and focused environment, doing a challenging, yet safe 30 Minute workout that is so effective you only need to do it once a week.

Many exercise systems work on the theory that more is better. At The Strength Code, we believe that meaningful exercise is better. When you are doing high quality, meaningful exercise, less is definitely more productive. We chart your progress in each session and provide measurable results.

Our proven method will be designed for your unique body, needs and goals and is guaranteed to be safe and effective. Using our personalized training protocols, your trainer will guide you through a workout that applies optimal stimulus to your body, creating a metabolic response to strengthen your muscles and boost your metabolism.

There is no sweating, no risk of injury and no unnecessary soreness! You get a deep and extremely productive workout each time without having to spend hours in the gym, making our method incredibly sustainable. When you workout to such a deep level of intensity, your body tissues typically need 5-7 days to completely repair and recover. That’s why we recommend training no more than once per week.

The Benefits of Strength

Lower abdominal fat

Better cardiovascular health

Controlled blood sugar levels

Reduced cancer risk 

Lowered injury risks

Increased bone density

Strengthened mental health

Improved flexibility and mobility

Elevated body image

Higher metabolism and more


Opening Summer 2020!

Membership has it’s Strengths. Come to our studio and give it a try!

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The First Time

What to Expect

YOUR FIRST SESSION Plan on spending about an hour at The Strength Code for your first session. We’ll go over your Health History questionnaire and discuss your exercise experiences, goals, injuries and any other issues we should consider in order to design a workout that’s perfect for you. During this initial workout we will determine the proper settings for you on each piece of equipment as well as your starting weights. We’ll take you through an abbreviated workout to give you a feel for slow motion, high intensity training and a taste of what we mean by “muscle failure.

YOUR SECOND SESSION The second session is very important. We will add a few more exercises to create a full body 30 minute workout. Now that you know what to expect, you will most likely experience a deeper level of intensity. A big factor in this method of training is overcoming the “fight or flight” feelings that may come up as you lift and lower the challenging weights at a slow pace. We’ll gently coach you to push past your perceived limits, but be assured we’ll never ask you to do anything you can’t do. At the end of your second session you will have a very clear understanding of how effective this workout can be in just half an hour once a week.

Get Started Now with our 2 for $50 Intro Offer and we will be in touch to schedule your first visit.

COVID 19 – Safety Protocols

We are confident that we can maintain a safe environment for you to workout if you desire. We will remain open as we are not considered a “gym” or “fitness center” that holds classes and allows members to workout on their own. We have control of our environment and will continue with the following safety protocols.

  • Provide a QUICK, SAFE and EFFECTIVE workout with limited exposure time
  • SANITIZE all equipment before, during and after clients using one-time-use sterilized microfiber towels.
  • Require MASKS at all times when you are in the studio
  • Provide disposable GLOVES and MASKS to clients
  • Maintain Social Distancing during workouts
  • Maintain Hand Washing regularly
  • Provide Hand Sanitizer throughout the studio
  • Book no more than one client in the studio at a time

We will remain vigilant and keep you posted of any changes.

Pull down machine

Sound Too Good To Be True?


The fact is, it’s based on science. Your muscle fibers need a certain degree of stimulation, or intensity, in order to create the change you want. Intensity can be achieved in many different ways, but our slow method is the safest way. We guide you, one-on-one, in a private session. We make sure you’re set up in the equipment properly, and coach you to perform the exercise in perfect form. We keep a detailed chart of your workouts and progress you each week as you gain strength.

Still Don’t Believe It Can Work?

We understand. That’s why we have a great Introductory Offer so you can experience this revolutionary method for yourself. Our goal is simple – the safest and most efficient results in the least amount of time. Come in and try it by taking advantage of our Intro Offer for only $50. See you in the studio!

What EVERY BODY is Saying…

Strong is the new pretty. And with Inform Fitness (Toluca Lake) and slow-motion weight training – I’m pretty strong !!!!! This is a must-try workout.

 Vanessa S.

Please do yourself a favor and try this workout. I admit I was skeptical . . . but this really, really works.

Terri B.

After trying many gyms, workouts, programs I have found The Holy Grail in this program.

Sandi D.

I loved the workout. . . I could feel my targeted muscles working on a deep core level. I left energized and wanting more.

Barbara D.

Slow exercise is a great experience. Staff is excellent. Give it a try!

Anthony B.

Opening Soon

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