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Owner and Strength Training Specialist

Lisa May - Personal Fitness InstructorHi! I’m Lisa May, the owner and manager of The Strength Code Palm Desert. You might remember me from Southern California radio, where I spent 30 years as a traffic reporter and sidekick, most memorably as part of the Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ, and the Frosty, Heidi and Frank Show on KLOS.

I loved my years on the radio, and I still get way too excited when I talk about freeways and traffic, although I must admit that talking about the latest celebrity break-ups was getting less and less interesting. Still, life was good. And then, around 2013, it changed. I began feeling fatigued and putting on weight. My hair started thinning and I began experiencing what I now know is “brain fog.” My GP told me to go to Weight Watchers, but after a series of tests with a Naturopath, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which is very common among women. Like most people, I’d always looked at exercise and diet in terms of weight loss, but this experience totally shifted my focus. Now I look at nutrition and movement in terms of my overall health, and that’s how The Strength Code came into my life.

I knew I needed to get more deliberate about my health and that included strength training, but I didn’t know how to fit that into my busy schedule, and on top of that, I didn’t really know anything about weightlifting. Then I discovered The Strength Code Toluca Lake. The workout is only 25 minutes working one-on-one with a strength training specialist. I knew I could make that work.

The list of benefits from strength training is truly astonishing, from improving your blood sugar levels and cholesterol numbers, to lowering your blood pressure, reducing your risk of injury thanks to increased muscle mass and bone density, and so much more!

Going to The Strength Code just once a week, working with an amazing trainer, Joseph Altamirano, I found myself getting stronger and stronger. And as I got stronger, I started taking my dogs on longer walks and doing intervals on the treadmill. I began saying yes to hikes in Griffith Park, and all of that activity motivated me to become more thoughtful about the foods I was eating and I started dropping those extra pounds, and so on and so on. Just a wonderful cascade of good things that all started with The Strength Code!

This workout is called Slow-Motion, High Intensity Strength Training, and it’s incredibly safe. When I was being trained in the Toluca Lake studio, I met a client who was in her 80’s, and a rock climber in his 30’s! The workout has been scientifically proven to be very effective at building strength – so effective you only need to go once or twice a week – which is also what makes it so sustainable. Almost anyone can carve out 30 minutes a couple of times a week.

“Lisa is awesome. This is the best workout program I have ever done!” ~ Keith L.

After training at The Strength Code for several years, I looked for a slow-burn high-intensity strength training studio in the Coachella Valley. I was planning to move there within a few years and wanted to know where I would be continuing my workouts, but there was nothing like the Strength Code anywhere. What??? There was only one thing to do, and that was to open my own studio.

Starting a whole new chapter in my life was scary, but one big key to making it happen was Sheila Melody, the founder and manager of The Strength Code Toluca Lake, who has been my mentor, cheerleader and partner throughout this entire process. We hear discussion about how important it is for women to support women, but Sheila truly walks the talk.

I’m very proud to say that The Strength Code Palm Desert opened on September 23rd, 2020. Some might feel that 2020 wasn’t the best year to open a new fitness studio, but I’m thinking it might have been the perfect time. Health is at the forefront of all our minds now, and we understand more than ever how important it is to do all we can to take care of ourselves, mentally and physically, and to find ways to do it safely.

At The Strength Code Palm Desert, we do one-on-one training by appointment, with a maximum of just two trainers and clients in the studio at the same time. 30 minutes isn’t very long, but in that short amount of time, we can do amazing, potentially life-changing work.

My mission is simple – I want to help people get strong and stay strong, safely, so they can continue doing all the activities they love for many, many years to come. I know I plan to continue doing this workout for a very, very long time. Join me!

– Lisa May

High Intensity Training Specialist
ACE Senior Training Specialist  


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